A Series on Surviving Films

Film Screening

A Series on Surviving follows thoughts through poetry and film of the journey after a sexual assault. 

We are hosting a film screening and panel conversation that talks about the stigma surrounding sexual assault/violence/abuse and what we can do to change that. 

The night will begin with music, Ali Zagame will perform while audience members arrive and get settled in. 

Next we will have the screening of our 5 short films followed by a short break.

there will then be a panel conversation about the films themselves and the stigma that surrounds sexual violence and abuse. 


Broghanne Jessamine

Caitlin Bagdan

Sarah Horton 

Food sponsors

Bee Free LLC 

Brooklyn Granola

Beverages will be available to purchase.

When and Where?

Date: December 17th 2019

Time: 7pm

Location: xixi, 41 W 36th Street,Suite 3 New York, NY, 10018

Cost: $20

50% of profits will be donated to organizations that support survivors.

1 in 5 women will experience sexual assault at some point in there lives. 

1 in 17 men and 1 in 2 transgendered people. The statistics are horrific. 

We here you. We see you. We believe you. 

Writer's Note

A Series on Surviving began as poems in a journal. They began not meant to be seen or heard. Only to be reread by myself . They began to get something out of me as though writing it down would make it go away. They are a form of escape and a way to try to make sense of what happened to me and how I felt. They began as a way to express the torture that was going on inside and in a way to stop me moving past the hurt and shame. 

These poems, and the short films they have become are not perfect. They do not depict a happy ending. They are hard and messy and not entirely optimistic. They were not meant to be. They are honest and raw. What I am saying is that they are not going to tell you that you forget what happened and everything is rosy again. They are not saying it gets so much better or that you stop feeling the things you feel. They are about the struggle. They are about the pain and they are about hope. These poems are not everyone's experience, they are not everyone's feelings they are mine. 

Putting them out into the world is hard. It is being vulnerable in a  way I try hard to avoid and yet I could not stop myself from doing it. Because I have hidden that this happened to me for too long and this felt like the right way to start to move forward, I am creative by nature, I had an outlet and so I ma using it. I do not want anyone to feel the way I have felt and feel. No one is alone in this. 

I have been so lucky in the support I have received for this project. The team who have made this project come to life are so special to me and always will be. They took something and made it their own. They allowed me to see these poems as something other than something to be ashamed of and they gave me life in that again. Thank you. 

The Team

Broghanne Jessamine


Actor, Writer, Director

Broghanne  Jessamine is a Co-Founder of Elemental Women Productions and a survivor.  Originally  from Scotland Broghanne has worked in Theatre (#metoo plays, The Left and Right Plays), Voice over  (Panda and Krash) and Film since emigrating to the United States of America. Prior to moving to New York,  Broghanne participated in  numerous  performing arts cultural festivals  throughout Scotland and in Germany to  bring  theatre and performance  that explores social issues to a wider  audience.


Sabrina Schlegel-Mejia



Sabrina  Schlegel-Mejia, a Colombian/Swiss actor based in New York, is beyond  grateful and super happy to be a part of A Series on Surviving with  Elemental Women Productions. Since graduating from AADA's conservatory program, Sabrina has appeared as Isabella in Measure for Measure and Antigone in People Vs. Antigone as well as Farris in award-winning short film GIRL FRIEND. Other projects include We Are Not Content!, JOJI, 22, We're Just Here To Swim, Cloud 9, Macbeth, Vessel of The Beast, Ledze and Lore, The Innocent, Albanian Gangster Part II, and The Uncounted.

Yuki Soga



Yuki Soga is an award-winning filmmaker based out of Brooklyn, New  York. After graduating from NYU Film School with minors in Cinema  Studies and Philosophy, he produced and directed the feature film We Are  Not Content!. He currently runs the video department of an advertising  agency in Manhattan and enjoys spending time with cats.

Yasmin Harvey



Yasmin Harvey is a British New York based Actor. Yasmin studied a Circle  in the Square Theatre School and spent two years honing her technique  as an intern at the Actors Studio. She has performed in plays and  musicals in both the UK and US and her play " Belief" was chosen as part  of the Manhattan Rep's Short Play Season. Yasmin is passionate about  female led work and work centered around women and social justice.

Elizabeth Shew


Production Assistant 

A lover of storytelling, Elizabeth performs as a dancer/singer/actress  when not working behind the scenes or writing her own work. After  graduating summa cum laude from The Ailey School and Fordham  University with double degrees in Dance and English, Elizabeth danced for a contemporary company, collaborating in the  creation of three evening-length works and touring the Hamptons,  Chicago, and the tri-state area. Now trained as a vocalist, she pursues a  career in musical theater while freelancing as a copywriter, PA, and scriptwriter.

Ali Zagame



Singer-songwriter and novelist, is currently based in NYC. She first discovered her love of songwriting while attending Berklee College of Music for Vocal Performance and released her first EP, Speak Up Speak Out, before graduation in March of 2016.

She is now signed to Wampus Multimedia for her first full-length album, Brutally Honest, released May of 2018. Her newest album, Peachy Keen, was recently released in November 2019. Both albums are available through spotify, and music videos for her albums have been released on youtube.
Ali creates her music to inspire and empower others. Many of her songs, such as 43720, have personal meanings about challenges she has faced.

Resources Available



RAINN is the largest anti-sexual assault organization for the US. 



The National Sexual Violence Resource Center addresses the causes  and impact of sexual violence through collaboration, prevention, and  resources according to their website.

The Survivor's Trust UK


The Survivors Trust is a national umbrella agency for over 125  specialist voluntary sector agencies throughout the UK and Ireland  providing a range of counselling, therapeutic and support services  working with women, men and children who are victims/survivors of rape,  sexual violence and sexual abuse. (according to wikipedia) 



British Columbia's Largest Rape Crisis Centre.