The Right and Left Plays

Both written by Literary Director and Co-Founder Mikayla Olivia Orrson and directed by Rachael Murray, 'Polar' and '15 Minutes of Infamy' are two short one act plays that explore change and its affect. 

'Polar' explores the relationship between two polar opposite women,  who battle each other's personality, morality and sexuality against  their genuine sisterly love for one another.

Cast: Broghanne Jessamine, Anastasia Marchelos and Mikayla Olivia Orrson.

'15 Minutes of Infamy' a one woman performance that captures the moments of limbo before a critical life decision.

Cast: Mikayla Olivia Orrson

When and Where


March 18th  2019    7:30pm

March 19th  2019    7:30pm

March 21st   2019    7:30pm

March 22nd 2019   7:30pm


Playwrights Horizons Downtown

Black Box Theater

440 Lafayette Street, 4th Floor

New York. NY, 10036 

Cast and Crew

Mikayla Olivia Orrson

Mikayla Olivia Orrson
Photographer: Ben Esner

Playwrght of both 'Polar' and '15 Minutes of Infamy' 

Actor in '15 Minutes of Infamy'

Originally   from Northeastern Pennsylvania, Mikayla moved to New York City in 2012   to persue an education at the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts.   She also studied at the Jacob Krueger Studio, with a focus in sitcom   writing. 

As  well as studying at the Gotham  Writer’s Workshop for playwriting.  Mikayla has also acted in multiple  web series and short films. She  performed in the 2016 Fringe Festival  in New York City. 

Broghanne Jessamine

Broghanne Jessamine
Photographer : Corinne Louie

Actor in 'Polar'

Originally  from Scotland, Broghanne moved to New York City in 2012 to   study  performance at The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts.  Since   graduating she has performed in theater, film and voiceover in  New  York  City. Most recently the voiceover for Lilly Doll in 'Panda and Krash', In theater, Lisa in  Washington Monument, #metooplays and Gretchen in 'The Hysteria of Dr. Faustus.

 Prior to moving to New York, Broghanne participated in   numerous  cultural festivals throughout Scotland and in Germany to  bring  theatre  and performance that explores social issues to a wider audience.

Anastasia Marchelos

Anastasia Marchelos

Actor in 'Polar'

Anastasia is a New York City based actor who  graduated from Adelphi University. Most recently Anastasia had multiple  role in the '#metooplays' with The Alternative Theatre Company.

Rachael Murray


Director of both  'Polar' and '15 Minutes of Infamy' 

After 7 years in the Washington, DC area, Rachael  moved to NYC this year. Her credits include, New York: 'The Hysteria of  Dr. Faustus' (Assistant Director, The Seeing Place Theatre); 'Jumping  from Rooftops and Other Ways to Cure Depression' (Director, LadyFest/The  Tank); 'Saint Fancy' (Director, Take Ten Festival, Winner for Best  Direction); Backyard/Desert (Director- Staged Reading, The Theatre  Collective). DC: 'Frelmetsch the Maneater' (Director-Workshop, Source  Festival); 'Sioux Falls' (Director, Mead Theatre Lab/Tenth Muse); 'King  Lear' (Asst. Director, Lean and Hungry Theatre); 'Clickb@it'  (Co-director, Capital Fringe; developed at The Kennedy Center  Page-to-Stage Festival/Next Stop Dark Nights Series)