Theatre Productions and Staged Readings


Directions by Charlotte Giles: Staged Reading

Time changes things. People come together and grow apart. Families expand. Life happens. Directions follows a family through three decades, their ups and downs, their joy and heartbreak. 

Cast: Gaia Visnar, Sebastian Zeqharr, Sabrina Schlegel-Mejia, Broghanne Jessamine and Ari Veach

Director: Mikayla Olivia Orrson


The Right and Left Plays: Full Production

Written by Literary Director and Co-Founder Mikayla Olivia Orrson and  directed by Rachael Murray, 'Polar' and '15 Minutes of Infamy' are two  short one act plays that explore change and its affect. 

'Polar'  developed from previous staged reading, explores the relationship between two polar opposite women,  who battle  each other's personality, morality and sexuality against  their genuine  sisterly love for one another.

Cast: Broghanne Jessamine, Anastasia Marchelos and Mikayla Olivia Orrson.
'15 Minutes of Infamy' a one woman performance that captures the moments of limbo before a critical life decision.

Cast: Mikayla Olivia Orrson


Polar: Staged Reading

Written  by Mikayla Olivia Orrson, 'Polar'  explores the relationship of two  polar opposite women, who battle each  other's personality, morality,  and sexuality against their genuine   sisterly love for one another.

Cast: Broghanne Jessamine and Anastasia Marchelos

Director: Rachael Murray